Hungary - UN Member
UsageNational and CivilPopulation 10,186,372
AdoptedOctober 01 1957Area 93,030 Sq Kms
57,806 Sq Mi
ContinentCentral EuropeSize Ratio2:3
DescriptionRed represents strength, white represents faithfulness, and green represents hope. These colors were derived from the French Tricolore.
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HistoryPrior to 1945, the royal crown was centered on the flag. From 1945-1949 the crown was replaced by the Kossuth coat of arms. A Soviet-style emblem was added when the Communists took power. In 1990, the arms were readopted, but not placed on the flag.
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Hungary Mug Details
A white mug with the Hungary flag wrapped around it, and the country name is written in black above the flag